Sian Flowers

Sian Flowers is the leading Kenyan producer of high quality Roses and Summer Flowers. The group of four flower farms, all located in Kenya, produces a wide variety of flowers of the highest quality with a portfolio of standard, spray roses and summer flowers. The Sian Flowers brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and responsibility.

We sell flowers both to the Dutch Flower Auctions as well as directly to customers such as supermarkets and wholesalers. Our main markets are in the Europe, USA, Dubai and Australia.

Sian Flowers is proud to be Fairtrade Certified. We pay great attention to the welfare of our workers, and are involved in a number of CSR projects in our community.

Our Vision

The Global Leader in Production and Export of High Quality Flowers to create Unique Experiences to our Customers.

Our Mission

Production of High-Quality Flowers for Export in a Socially Responsible , Ethical and Sustainable way Whilst Fostering Staff Welfare and Environmental Protection..

Our Values

Value - We maximize efficiency and aim for the highest shareholder return whilst maintaining our company values.

Integrity and Accountability - We maintain truthfulness, honesty, openness and transparency in all our engagements and always act with the utmost honor and are accountable and dependable to our stakeholders.

Professionalism - We ascribe to attaining the highest professional standards in everything we do.

Respect -We accept all persons for whom they are, treat each one with dignity, acknowledge the value of the people we work with and serve to nurture strong relationships and builds feelings of trust, safety, and wellbeing by active listening and welcoming diversity of thought, opinion, and background.

Fairness -We treat everyone impartially, offer equitable and consistent assistance, and ensure equal access to resources, tools and service.

Communication - We encourage open and honest communication throughout the organization.

Loyalty - We are devoted to our members and dedicated to our commitments and obligations to serve righteously and relentlessly.

Ownership-We take the initiative to bring about positive results and caring about the outcome. We are accountable and responsible for the results of your actions.

Sustainability- We integrate economic, environmental and social dimension of sustainability into all our operations and practices for a long-term shared success

Team Spirit- We foster cohesiveness, promote unity of purpose and believe in the power of togetherness to harness strengths to increase team output.